April 2009

Trouble Shooting at Pool Openings

Ok folks, lets get right into some issues which you may find once you get your pool cover off the pool and go through some trouble shooting steps.

1. Water level is low to non existent: 1st make sure your pool cover didn't have holes in it and you didn't pump your water out of the pool when you were pumping water off the cover. If this isn't the case and you lost a large amount of water you most likely have a hole in your liner or split seam. Liners without water is not a good thing as they tend to shrink and once you refill the pool the liner can break free from the coping or bead lending itself unfixable so if you have an older liner I would suggest calling in a pro to give you suggestions even on a newer liner I would call and ask depending on your given situation and water level.


Well hello, we finally will be getting some warm weather here in the northeast this coming weekend. You know what that means don't you? Time to get out in the yard and tackle some long awaited chores, one being your pool opening. As I mentioned in previous posts you may not be swimming this early but you don't want to be caught in a mad dash trying to get parts for your filter or heater when you have a party planned either, so now's the time to take a look see and lets get the summer started.
I am going to say this just once, the earlier the pool opening the cleaner the pool, if you closed clean that is. If you wait until the water warms up for several weeks under that cover things tend to grow fast and it can bloom very fast and become a mess. In general you want to have the cover off and filter going with chemicals before your water reaches 65-68 degrees F. Procrastinators be warned. :) Many will say, with the recession that they do not want to run the filter so early and spend money on chemicals but if the days and evenings remain cooler you can cut down on filtration as compared to the hours you run during full summer heat. Same goes for Chlorine usage you will use less during this period of time versus full summertime sun and you don't have to look at that cover anymore! Here are the steps for opening your pool

How To Choose A Swimming Pool Contractor

You have thought long and hard about adding a pool to create a backyard oasis so once you have reached the decision to proceed, where you start can put you on smooth track to getting the project completed in a professional, timely manner and most importantly within your budget with a professional swimming pool contractor.