May 2009

Big Pool Party and Your Pool is Green?

Well, the big party weekend is upon us and for those who have been too busy to open your swimming pool yet or have been procastinating due to the unseasonably cool weather are now raising your heads and thinking hmmm we could have a party, nice weather coming and yet your pool may open looking like something partied there all winter.


For many of us the economy has made us look twice at our spending habits and a new buzz word “StaCation” has become the summer vacation plan. Many have decided to defer selling their homes and invest albeit a smaller budget into home renovations and improvements including upgrading existing pools or making your backyard a place where you and your children can enjoy the summer months in a safe environment.

There are many upgrades to an existing pool that can be accomplished such as changing over from a chlorine pool to a salt pool, and adding a heater to make your swimming more comfortable or just upgrading your filter and vacuum systems to make your pool experience more hands free allowing you more time get things done. For this article, I am going to concentrate on SAFETY around the swimming pool.

Keeping Swimming Pool Chemistry Simple

Water balance is an important part of your pool maintenance to prevent damage to equipment and allow the chemical products to work efficiently. Your water should be tested regularly and adjusted to meet the proper required levels. Your water’s balance is constantly changing and everything from weather to oils, to dirt and cosmetics affect it. No matter which form of sanitization you use, you need to test your water 2-3 times a week,