September 2009

How to Close An In Ground Pool


Ingredients: Liquid Shock, Winter Algaecide, Pool Cover, Water Bags, Gizzmo for Skimmer, Winter Plugs, Filter Cleaner, Antifreeze for each line, Cover Pump if Cover is not of Mesh type, Inside storage room for filter and pump equipment.

Tips to Close and Above Ground Pool

Pool Season is Sadly coming to an end for some of us, here are some suggestions.

Supplies: 1-2 Gals of Shock, 1 Quart of Winter Algaecide, Pool Cover, Air Pillow, Gizmo for Skimmer, Winter Plugs, Filter Cleaner if a DE or Cartridge. Filter.


1.Make sure your pool is clean of debris and your water is balanced. If you close with a dirty pool you will more likely open a dirtier one.

2.Remove ladders, floats, thermometers or anything floating in the pool.

3.Lower water level 3-4 inches below the bottom of skimmer line.