June 2010

Pool Party Tips

Time is running short to prepare your pool for a successful, safe party. It is time to look at your pool water and do some testing to make sure all your chemistry levels are where they should be and that your filter is running clean.

Why are Phosphates In My Pool

Phosphates and nitrates in pool water has become a more common issue than in the past and can wreak havoc with your pool water chemistry if not addressed.

Can't Get Your Chlorine to Register?

A myth is that you have plenty of chlorine or high chlorine levels if you smell the odor or have irritated eyes but these are actually signs of chloramines not too much chlorine. In order to neutralize chloramines super chlorination is suggested and there are various methods used with some suggesting up to 8 gallons of liquid chlorine for 20K gallons of pool water circulating the water until the levels read normal. I would suggest no swimming at this treatment time till levels come down