July 2013

Going on Vacation? What Do You Do About Your Pool?

Well it is a common question we get when customers come in and ask what they should do to keep their pool clean and clear while they are away on their summer vacation.

Of course the easy answer would be to have a relative or neighbor keep an eye on the pool by testing the water and making sure that the filter and pump are running properly. But what if you aren’t familiar with your neighbor or have no one that can stop over to check on your property?

How Long and When Should I Run My Swimming Pool Filter?

Hi everyone! Well, it took a while but summer has finally arrived and with a vengeance!

We are now on our third day of 90 and above and yes, being the humans that we are, we are already complaining about the heat. Funny, two weeks ago we were at the opposite end of the spectrum with the nights being cooler than usual.