August 2013

Labor Day Weekend Doesn't Mean Summer is Over

Love to swim in my pool!Whew! Well another summer is coming to an "official close", but that doesn't mean we do not have a few more good weeks of fun and swimming left.

Ushers’ Near Tragedy Can Be Used to Educate Pool Owners of Available Safety Layers

Fortunately, the news of Ushers’ sons near drowning will hopefully have a happy ending but I would like to use this news to bring attention to what is really important when you are a swimming pool owner, parent, and caretaker of young ones near a swimming pool.

Summer Time Still Has Legs! Let's Get Swimming

As we turn the corner into the month of August, adults tend to move far ahead of themselves by thinking of what’s to come. Already, back to school ads are playing on the television, and some have begun thinking of the holidays coming down the line in a few short months. UGH!

Let’s not forget that there is still more summer to live and enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends is always a fun memory to put into our hearts.