Swimming Pool Maintainence

As the summer continues to progress, we almost always tend to cruise along living our busy lives and developing our routines of kids, camp and car pooling!. You may have a certain day each week when you complete your errands, make plans for the weekend and clean your pool, test your pool water or make your weekly trip to your friendly local pool store to get advice and further help for water chemistry issues.

Drought Campaign in California, Coming to a Town Near You?

Swimming Pool Tips for Water Conservation

Unless you have been living in a bubble these days you have become aware that several areas in the country have become plagued by drought in recent years. Some areas such as California and Texas have had to mandate water conservation in new forms. Water parks in Texas for example have to truck in well water daily, new pools can not be built in some areas and other areas still have become so dry that water use is being monitored for abuse of use!

Swimming Pool Safety Inspection for Water Safety Month

Well here we are once again at the beginning of another swimming season. The weather of course could be cooperating a little bit more as the northeast is still attempting to decide should it be spring or will we just go straight to summer. I feel like everything is running just a tad late from the flowers to warm rays of sunshine but as always Mother Nature is in charge and we'll accept what she brings to us.

Swimming Pool Heater Safety & Care

As we near another swimming pool season of fun and sun it’s never a bad thing to instill the importance of safety and care of your swimming pool equipment. As a professional in the industry I certainly would like everyone to use professionals when installing or repairing swimming pool equipment but I also understand in today’s market place some of you will purchase on line or may try to fix your equipment yourselves. For that very reason I am going to go over some safety and care issues of the increasingly affordable swimming pool heater.

Northeast Pool Owners Pummeled by Snow

Another harsh winter has crept upon us and we anticipate a few more weeks of winter to deluge our region with snow and ice as we creep toward Springtime.

We are beginning to see the ravages of a harsh winter where in some areas 100inches of snow or more have hit us like a brick. Some of our callers are having questions as to what to do because their covers have fallen in or as they check their pool water levels they are finding their water levels down.

Swimming Pool Equipment Manufacturers Change Landscape and Warranty Policies

For most consumers, the great divide between brick and mortar retailers and online pool supply companies was not something they needed to concern themselves with. The division and heated debates were mostly between the brick and mortar store and online retailers and concerned the wide gap in pricing between the two and to some the unfair practice of online stores offering the same product for less than the brick and mortar owner could buy wholesale from their own distributor.

Labor Day Weekend Doesn't Mean Summer is Over

Love to swim in my pool!Whew! Well another summer is coming to an "official close", but that doesn't mean we do not have a few more good weeks of fun and swimming left.

Ushers’ Near Tragedy Can Be Used to Educate Pool Owners of Available Safety Layers

Fortunately, the news of Ushers’ sons near drowning will hopefully have a happy ending but I would like to use this news to bring attention to what is really important when you are a swimming pool owner, parent, and caretaker of young ones near a swimming pool.

Summer Time Still Has Legs! Let's Get Swimming

As we turn the corner into the month of August, adults tend to move far ahead of themselves by thinking of what’s to come. Already, back to school ads are playing on the television, and some have begun thinking of the holidays coming down the line in a few short months. UGH!

Let’s not forget that there is still more summer to live and enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends is always a fun memory to put into our hearts.

Going on Vacation? What Do You Do About Your Pool?

Well it is a common question we get when customers come in and ask what they should do to keep their pool clean and clear while they are away on their summer vacation.

Of course the easy answer would be to have a relative or neighbor keep an eye on the pool by testing the water and making sure that the filter and pump are running properly. But what if you aren’t familiar with your neighbor or have no one that can stop over to check on your property?