How Long and When Should I Run My Swimming Pool Filter?

Hi everyone! Well, it took a while but summer has finally arrived and with a vengeance!

We are now on our third day of 90 and above and yes, being the humans that we are, we are already complaining about the heat. Funny, two weeks ago we were at the opposite end of the spectrum with the nights being cooler than usual.

Summer Fun with Your Swimming Pool

Marco! Polo! I was reminiscing last night with my usual insomniac self, reflecting about what we used to do when we were kids during our summer vacation. Although I didn’t have a swimming pool myself my aunts house was a welcome destination quite often as well as going to the reservoir for a swim. When we weren’t playing in a body of water we were still outside playing various games, going to the park, doing arts and crafts and other fun stuff.

Do Swimming Pool Solar Covers Really Help?

Often, I am asked this very question whether a solar cover will make a difference in the temperature of the pool water?

Swimming Pool Holiday Madness!

This week has been sort of crazy but not as bad as previous years because of the unusual cool weather we have been having here. This doesn't preclude us from still getting the frantic calls from customers who all of a sudden decide to open their pools two days before the holiday expecting it to be ready for their pool party.

Buying Pool Products Online Versus Brick and Mortar

This is a touchy subject discussed among ourselves in the pool retail industry but also one that has affected not just the swimming pool industry but more and more mom and pop businesses in any retail situation in downtown USA.

May is National Water Safety Month! Is your Swimming Pool Safe?

Every year in May we are getting our swimming pools open and ready for one of the biggest holidays of summer, Memorial Day. Through out the month of May and the entire swimming season we are asking our customers and pool owners nationwide to ask themselves if they have inspected their pools and upgraded and installed as many layers of safety they possible can. Some of these layers involve some monetary cost and others do not and either way as a responsible pool owner you will have as many layers as possible.

Which is Better? Heater or Heat Pump?

Heaters are considered to be accessory equipment and are items that can be considered for the initial installation of the pool or added on years later, depending upon when you feel you would like to have the convenience of swimming in a warm pool or extending what for many is a short swimming season. A heater can add one to two months onto your swimming season; and for some people who have attached spas, having a heater can extend their spa experience well into the fall season.

Swimming Pools Types, Pro and Cons!

You Tube videos of completed projects and construction

Welcome back everyone! Spring has finally arrived and for those in the Northeast and Midwest we welcome the sunshine and warmer temperatures to come with robust gratitude.

When Should I Close My Swimming Pool?

Closing your swimming pool is a matter of each individual's choice and lifestyle really. We begin closing pools for some of our customers beginning the last week of August and continue until the end of October. My advice has always been open early and close as late as possible. For us in the Northeast weather obviously plays an important role in our decision to close our swimming pools. Once the leaves start dropping, usually late September it may become more tedious to keep the pool clean.

How Do I Maintain My Swimming Pool During a Heat Wave?

Yes, a heatwave! While there will be some who will chastize me for praising the weather others will agree this is what we ask our season to be each year, long and hot!
There are some simple steps that I want to share with everyone during this type of weather so we can all enjoy our swimming pools.
First and foremost, run your filter longer during these type of weather bursts of heat. A swimming pool does not maintain itself very well during a heat spell when the filtration system is only run 4-6hours a day.