Can't Get Your Chlorine to Register?

A myth is that you have plenty of chlorine or high chlorine levels if you smell the odor or have irritated eyes but these are actually signs of chloramines not too much chlorine. In order to neutralize chloramines super chlorination is suggested and there are various methods used with some suggesting up to 8 gallons of liquid chlorine for 20K gallons of pool water circulating the water until the levels read normal. I would suggest no swimming at this treatment time till levels come down


These days it is important to distinguish the pitchy spiels from the real deals. A pool is a big investment and reputable builders want your buying experience to be enjoyable so they can form a long term relationship for years to come.


National Water Safety Month begins in May and is a joint effort of several organizations related to the aquatic industry and several states, including Connecticut, who recognizes May as an excellent time to highlight water safety as we venture outside and increase outdoor activities. This includes going swimming in our own pools, going to a beach, lake, or even a water park. I will begin by addressing swimming pool safety so that our expertise can be utilized as you begin to open your pools for the season.

Clarifying the Flack on Flocculants & Clarifiers

Perhaps the most overused chemicals in the now vast array of pool chemicals, clarifiers and flocculants are often thought to be the “wonder chems” that will turn your water crystal clear in an instant.

10 Things to Watch For When Buying Your Swimming Pool

In addition to the dollars you will be spending there are other considerations below to think of before walking into a show room or at least have these questions in mind when talking with a salesman.

Swimming Pool Winter Blues

...customer whose above ground pool cover has started to fall into her pool. This can be a common occurrence for both the Above and In the ground pools when 1. Water on the winter pool cover was not pumped off the entire season and now has frozen and the weight of the ice is forcing the cover into the pool 2. Equipment failure such as the cord or winch has broken or the water tubes have failed to hold the weight of the cover and the cover is sagging into the pool.

How to Close An In Ground Pool


Ingredients: Liquid Shock, Winter Algaecide, Pool Cover, Water Bags, Gizzmo for Skimmer, Winter Plugs, Filter Cleaner, Antifreeze for each line, Cover Pump if Cover is not of Mesh type, Inside storage room for filter and pump equipment.

Tips to Close and Above Ground Pool

Pool Season is Sadly coming to an end for some of us, here are some suggestions.

Supplies: 1-2 Gals of Shock, 1 Quart of Winter Algaecide, Pool Cover, Air Pillow, Gizmo for Skimmer, Winter Plugs, Filter Cleaner if a DE or Cartridge. Filter.


1.Make sure your pool is clean of debris and your water is balanced. If you close with a dirty pool you will more likely open a dirtier one.

2.Remove ladders, floats, thermometers or anything floating in the pool.

3.Lower water level 3-4 inches below the bottom of skimmer line.

Simple Swimming Pool Salt System Tips

I have been getting a lot of questions about salt pools this year as this technology though not new seems to be catching on as time passes and we do a lot of inground systems so I wanted to touch base on the subject with some pointers for newbies. There are several salt systems out there some with digital read outs of your salt levels and other readings to make your pool environment better for swimming....

Weather Playing Havoc With Pool Water Chemistry

What can I say 18-20 straight days of rain has played havoc with keeping any kind of pool water chemistry balanced and I have noticed some trends in our water testing. Keep in mind weather plays a big role in keeping your pool water chemistry in balance...