Winter Pool Closings

Sadly it is time to book your pool closing. Our suggestion has always been to open early and close as late as possible for optimal use of your pool but as leaves begin to fall and children return to school you may wish to close anywhere from after labor day to end of October.

As with openings we book rather quickly and they are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. If you are looking to order a Safety Cover please give us a call. We begin ordering and measuring for Safety Covers in August-November.

Please complete the form below or call 203-758-0524 to book your opening. Once we receive your request and payment information we will send an email with your closing date and confirmation.

As noted for openings we do not give times as each pool may have its own issues which entail more time or attention which throws off any scheduling attempts.

Our pool closings include the following:

  • Disconnecting your pump and filter

  • Cleaning your filter elements (fingers, grids or cartridge)

  • Bringing pump and filter into sheltered area (Sand filters are drained and winterized and left outdoors)

  • Winterize your heater

  • Winterizing your lines by blowing out, plugging and adding antifreeze

  • Removal of your ladder and handrails

  • Placement of your winter cover onto pool

Plugs, watertubes, pillows and gizzmos are additional charge

We ask our customers to:

  • Make sure we have access to your pool and storage area where you want us to put equipment

  • We have access to your pool cover, plugs, watertubes etc.

  • We have access to an outdoor spigot and hose to wash down your filter elements

Payment is expected at time of booking with a valid credit card number or closing will not be confirmed. Any open invoices must be paid in full.


1.You are NOT required to be home day of your closing and suggest you do not do so incase of inclement weather or rescheduling is required.

2. You open as clean as you close, please scoop leaves, vacuum pool and have balanced water chemistry.

3. If you are using a tarp cover we will not put cinder blocks, bricks or other materials around the pool to keep the cover secure unless a waiver is signed that we are not liable for any damage to pool if cover and materials fall into pool.

4. Keep your cover clear of debri and water through out the winter as much as possible.

Please complete the form below with preferred date of your closing and check off any other supplies you may need and email back to us. A valid credit card will be required prior to your closing.

*We replace bad watertubes, plugs, skimmer gizzmos and air pillows when on the job site. These are an additional cost and not part of regular closing cost.

Cost $65
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