Spring is Near and Pool Season is Upon Us

Welcome to my blog on pool care and safety. I have been in the pool business several years now and recently retired as a Certified Financial Planner at the end of last year to join my spouse full time to run his pool construction business and retail store so I have taken the past few winter months trying to define what my role will be now that I am able to give my full attention to his business and I wanted to tie in what I know of the finance world with what I know about the recreation business. With the current economic conditions I thought it would be a good idea to offer cost effective tips on pool care and most important where not to cut corners specifically in the area of pool safety.
As we near Spring time we are thinking of opening our pools and readying ourselves for a full season of summer fun so the posts to follow will hopefully be enlightening, educational and helpful. You are more than welcome to post comments and suggestions of subjects to cover. If you are thinking of purchasing a pool or equipment visit for ideas.