How To Choose A Swimming Pool Contractor

You have thought long and hard about adding a pool to create a backyard oasis so once you have reached the decision to proceed, where you start can put you on smooth track to getting the project completed in a professional, timely manner and most importantly within your budget with a professional swimming pool contractor.

The best way to find a contractor is through a referral or friend who has used the business and is happy with their services. Outside of that, contact a few reputable businesses that have been established, can give you references on the spot, and offer follow through services such as a retail store for all your pool needs, water analysis, and a service department that is familiar with the products you will have on your pool.
Make sure first and foremost they are licensed and insured. These unlicensed and uninsured may give you a better price on the job but you leave yourself unprotected should the job be incomplete or worse. You may want to ask how long their employees have been with them signaling they are a good employer to work for and the crew is experienced not just seasonal.

Most companies will go out to your home and give free estimates as to the cost of the project. If you get more than one estimate than compare apples to apples what you are getting with each, i.e. filter system, style of plumbing, number of return lines etc there is top of the line and cheaper equipment so do your homework. Ask if excavation is included and up to what level or amount of hours. One company may list something as an option while another may include it in the package. A good estimate includes the total package which will give you an idea of not only what the pool itself will cost but also what you will need in your budget for the electrician, water, fencing and decking and offers referrals so should you not know anyone in those fields the process is streamlined and it all gets done.

The bottom line is that the cheapest estimate may not be your first choice. After considering hard facts you will also follow your gut such as you heard good things about this guy, or you liked the way this one envisioned what your yard would like when completed or one was more of a salesman, the other seemed more honest about the whole process etc. Remember, this is a big ticket purchase and hopefully a relationship where you deal with the company for years to come and in the end you have to be able to feel good that you are dealing with someone you can trust.

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