Big Pool Party and Your Pool is Green?

Well, the big party weekend is upon us and for those who have been too busy to open your swimming pool yet or have been procastinating due to the unseasonably cool weather are now raising your heads and thinking hmmm we could have a party, nice weather coming and yet your pool may open looking like something partied there all winter.
There is no magic pill that is going to get you out of the mess only proper chemical balance and elbow grease but here are some ideas. By the way if your party is in an hour you better have some good food and drink and just enjoy the day it is not likely you will be swimming no matter how many chemicals you put in there. If you are opening the pool this weekend and it opens clear fantastic, get your filter running, start your chlorination and balance your water and you are good to go for a swim. Use a non-chlorine shock if you are swimming immediately, if you are using a chlorine shock wait 2 hours before going into pool.
If your pool has a slight haze to it and everything else is in balance the shock treatment should bring you back to sparkling blue.
Now if you are the procrastinator and your pool has an algae party going on you will need to call the algae cops to boot them out with an algaecide letting your filter run continuously for 12-24hrs and then vacuum one or two times till clear. Again balance your water and get your chlorine going asap! Now if everything seems to be happening except that your pool just isn't crystal clear but all your chemical levels seem on the money, you can try some clarifier which makes the tiny particles that the filter isn't picking up bigger so that it can. Clarifier can actually work fairly quickly, no your swamp won't be blue in an hour but I have had a cloudy pool turn clear in a few hours, it will all depend on the size of your pool and size and type of your filter. For the best results bring your water up to a reputable pool store that tests water and start there first rather than trying to guess, remember you don't want to throw in unnecessary chemicals as this will add to TDS (total dissolved solids) in your water and may come up to bite you later with a more severe water problem. Follow a professionals' instructions or read the label and add the proper dosage.
Be careful not to do foolish things under pressure of one party! You have the entire summer to rock on! Don't empty your pool if you have a vynal liner as this may cause shrinkage and you may not be able to fill it up again (new liner! Big bucks!) yeah this seems like an easy way out by adding all new water but your short cut can be an expensive mistake. If the algaecide label says 4-5 oz per 10,000gal. don't throw the entire bottle in there, it won't hurt but some algaecides will foam and you'll feel like your swimming in a bubble bath not a pool. If this does happen the suds will dissapate with time, chlorine and sunshine.
Don't cut corners on safety issues either. Remember parties = children and have a designated supervisor at the pool at all times children are in the pool. Don't drink and drive? DON'T DRINK AND DIVE!!!! Keep the fun at a high level and party on safely.
Please take a moment to remember what Memorial Day is all about, to thank our service men and women past, present and future for all they have protected us from and sacrificed in this and past generations.
Have a great and safe weekend all!