Pool Party Tips

Yes, here we are again at what is usually a big 4th of July party at poolside. Time is running short to prepare your pool for a successful, safe party. It is time to look at your pool water and do some testing to make sure all your chemistry levels are where they should be and that your filter is running clean. I always try to advise that it takes a couple days to clear up a cloudy pool depending on type of filter etc so don't wait till the last minute because on Sat or Sun whichever day your party is there is no magic pill that will clear it up in an hour.
A good party planner always thinks ahead so make sure you have a some games and toys for the kids. Go over who is going to be the designated supervisor of the pool while children are swimming and what the pool rules are such as no running, pushing, diving etc. this usually makes for a more pleasant day for all. Have your safety equipment in an available area not stuffed in the shed somewhere. Keep in mind adults after imbibing can be unruly in the pool area as well so a responsible adult (s) should keeping an eye on activities to prevent any unforeseen mishap.
Parties can be hectic for the hosts so as good guests prepare to keep an eye on your children and others and that kids aren't running around areas where dangers can lurk; such as hot grills, open bars, mechanical machines etc. Never trust a child to swim alone even though they have flotation devices on these are a level of safety but should not be relied upon on their own always have adult supervision.
The weather here is supposed to be fantastic for your party so try to remember to have fun, take a breather and enjoy your company. If you take the proper precautions ahead of time a safe holiday can be had by all.
Please remember to take a moment to remember why we celebrate the holiday in the first place as we thank our service men and women who help protect this country of ours so we have the freedoms we so enjoy.