Severe Winter May Have Caused Swimming Pool Damage

If you are from the east coast particularly the North East you only need to look out your window to view how severe a winter we have had. Most of us can not even get access to our back yards but as our weather begins to warm and ice and snow begins to thaw many of you will begin to observe any visible damage to your pool.

First, I express concern that caution be used when inspecting your back yard and pool as landscape changes as well as structural changes may have occurred, covers may no longer be secure on your pool and you should be careful doing any inspection.

Some problems which I am hearing about are above ground pool collapses, covers falling in and when checking water levels an empty pool. As the spring thaw continues floating liners will be an issue. I will tell you to take a deep breath and realize it is Mother Nature who bestowed this upon you and at some point during this harsh winter she won. There are options should you have this severe of damage, one of which includes calling your Home Owners Insurance Agent. You may have coverage for certain damages, so be sure to document and take pictures of the damages and receive an estimate to replace or repair from a reputable, licensed Pool Professional.

I think I am having some Spring fever today because with a thaw comes hope eternal that sun and warmth can not be that far behind. It is early still but I want to give everyone a heads up so those unfortunate enough to have damages do not to wait till the last minute should your backyard oasis need some repair and polish. Planting seeds! I will be back shortly with more answers to spring time prep for your swimming pool season.

Looking forward to a long safe, swimming season! Happy Valentines Day to all!