Messy Pool Openings

Well, I am just going to write a brief one here on what appears to be a bad opening season for some because of the severity of the past winter. Many have called asking what can be done when your pool cover has fallen in the pool and unfortunately the answer is not much but to dump the water and start cleaning. It is difficult as you will see to try to lift an already submerged cover out of the pool without dumping the water and everything else on top into the pool. If you need to dump the contents of the cover get your selves some tools such as a leaf rake or what they call a "leaf eater" to gather up as much of the mess from the bottom of your pool. Once your bottom is as clean of debris as possible then vacuum to waste if possible which will bypass the filter leaving you less backwashing to do.

When your cover has not been submerged you will need to pump off the winter cover before taking it off your pool. Beware, if you have the slightest hole in your cover, you could end up pumping the water out of your pool so keep an eye on your pool while in this process. We had a lot of these calls with pool owners thinking they had a leak in the pool when they actually pumped the water out.

Lastly, Above the Ground pools seem to have taken the brunt of most of the winter snow damage. I am hearing about a good many with crinkled walls, holes etc., we advise careful scrutiny of the structural integrity of the pool when a wall has been compromised. It is never worth the injury and safety of others to just bend it back and pray for the best. If the pool is newer your home owners insurance may or may not provide some pro-rated type of coverage due to natural causes, we suggest you call to see what your coverage may be for replacement of the pool.

That’s all for now folks. Looking forward to seeing some warmer weather from here on out. The sun is shining finally and temps are slowly rising and we are looking forward to a great and safe swimming season.