May is National Water Safety Month! Is your Swimming Pool Safe?

Every year in May we are getting our swimming pools open and ready for one of the biggest holidays of summer, Memorial Day. Through out the month of May and the entire swimming season we are asking our customers and pool owners nationwide to ask themselves if they have inspected their pools and upgraded and installed as many layers of safety they possible can. Some of these layers involve some monetary cost and others do not and either way as a responsible pool owner you will have as many layers as possible.

A few of these layers of pool safety include such items as automatic covers, pool alarms, and gate, window and door alarms. This is a great time to install new batteries in your pool alarms if required (a good time to check your fire alarms at the same time)check your barriers and fencing to make sure that there are no gaps in coverage or holes where small children can climb under or ways they can climb over. Many times a child will climb a tree or airconditioning unit sitting next to the fence to gain access to the pool area. Do your gates remain closed and self latching and are the latches locked and out of reach of small children? If you have sliding doors with entry into the pool area from your home have you installed door alarms so you can be alerted if a young one leaves the house. Don't forget the windows that may lead to the pool area as well can be enticing entry levels for kids. The majority of drowning incidents often occur while the parent or guardian thought the child was indoors!

Once you begin opening the pool, check items such as your electrical cords for frayed ends and test your outside GFI protection to see that it is functioning correctly this just takes a few minutes of your time. Take a walk around the pool area and notice any tripping hazards, sharp materials from the pool structure itself that can protrude and cut or leave splinters in children’s feet. Check your heater area for any smell or odors of gas leaks? Call the proper professionals if you have any question regarding your pool equipment.

If you have a deep end pool, install a safety rope that goes across the width of the pool before the pool bottom transitions from the shallow to deep area. This will alert swimmers that there is a point where pool becomes deeper. Make sure all your drain covers and suctions ports are securely attached. Absolutely no one should be allowed into the pool if low suction or main drain covers are missing. Also replace your skimmer and pump baskets should they be cracked as well.

One of the most important layers of safety is YOU! Adult supervision is so imperative to having a safe and fun swimming season. When you are the designated adult to watch the pool it is important that you do not become distracted even for a few moments. Become familiar with your pool and your little swimmers. Some children will have different levels of swimming skills and confidence. Your judgment and ability to keep everyone safe is your responsibility. If you have non swimmers in the pool it is not enough to just throw water wings on them and have them hang by the stairs or onto the edge, you should be in the pool with them within touching distance.

Should an emergency happen, you will want to have a phone available to call for medical assistance, in addition I strongly suggest that CPR should be one of your mandatory skills. The Red Cross has programs and classes in various local settings as well as on line refresher courses visit their site at

These safety ideas are just a few of the safety layers necessary to keep your swimming pool oasis safe and fun for the upcoming swimming season. For further information visit our site or our blog at For books related to Swimming Pool Water Safety and other pool subjects visit ProPool Girls’ author site at