Swimming Pool Holiday Madness!

This week has been sort of crazy but not as bad as previous years because of the unusual cool weather we have been having here. This doesn't preclude us from still getting the frantic calls from customers who all of a sudden decide to open their pools two days before the holiday expecting it to be ready for their pool party.

This is usually the time we get a bunch of calls about heaters not working and questions as to how to turn their pea green pools into clean and crystal clear blue pools. Procrastinators beware! There is no magic pill that gets the pool clear in a couple of hours, and most companies while attempting to accomodate their regular customers can be booked through the holiday weekend. So what do you do? Take a deep breathe and remember this is the first of many pool party opportunities available to pool owners this season. Own that you procrastinated and begin to work on your pool by opening and cleaning the pool yourself. Openings are not so bad and there are instructions on my blog site It takes some effort but if you don't begin you will never find yourself sipping that margharita by the pool this weekend.

If you are having a party this weekend, try to open today and keep the filter running, add starting chemicals such as shock and algaecide, and vacuum the pool. If you have a lot of algae and debri on the bottom, vacuum until you can't see anymore, clean your filter out and once everything settles back to the bottom, vacuum again. Start your chlorination as soon as you open the pool and keep an eye out on your filter pressure to assure your filter runs as efficient as possible. A clear sign that you need to clean out the filter is when the water pressure pushing back into the pool is down to a trickle.

Now, I know how the human mind works and you may be thinking of throwing everything and anything into the pool in an attempt at getting the pool cleaner and faster; but sometimes less is more and you don't want to waste your dollars on more chemicals than necessary. Get your test strips out and test the water and add what is needed. If the label on the clarifier says 4-6 ounces per 10000 gallons follow those instructions; I know you are so tempted to tell yourself if 6 ounces are called for why not the whole quart, the pool will clear up faster right? Not necessarily so, you may make a bigger mess by clogging up your filter with all that clarifier. If you have a sand or DE filter and your pool is dirty you will certainly need to backwash and you don't want to backwash your cash right out of the pool do you? Another common mistake is to add too much algaecide, if you use the cheaper kind of algaecides you can end up with suds or foam in your pool. So follow the chemical's label instructions as there is a reason for them.

For those who have had their pool open and are ready to have their holiday event congratulations to you! Remember to keep safety in mind at all times to have fun and safe swimming. Always have an adult supervising the pool when there are children swimming, stay within touch distance of any child who can not swim. Make sure your safety line is installed and pool alarm is functioning correctly to keep those little ones safe. If you are having libations please remember DO NOT DRINK and DIVE and if you are the designated supervisor Don't Drink. For more information of water chemistry and pool safety visit As we begin the official start of the season lets all keep an eye out for eachother.

If you are stressing, keep it light hearted, it is just a pool folks, if you are swimming later than planned there will be more days to swim, no need to stress. Remember, Memorial Day is for remembrance of those who gave dearly for each of us. Thanks to all our milatary and their families for they make the ultimate sacrifice. We thank you for your service!