Labor Day Weekend Doesn't Mean Summer is Over

Love to swim in my pool!Whew! Well another summer is coming to an "official close", but that doesn't mean we do not have a few more good weeks of fun and swimming left.

I am writing this from a little respite from the lake and we are expecting an awesome weekend with highs near 80 degrees. While, this time of year usually spurs a mass exit from the backyard BBQ's and pool parties as school sessions begin we can usually count on some more warm weather to continue through September in the form of an Indian Summer.

Personally, I close the pool as late as possible. I will most likely still swim until the cold nights no longer justify keeping the heater on. I still will run the pool as Beans our golden will still find it necessary to play ball or just cool himself off! Once it does get cool, I also turn down the running time of the filter to 5-6 hours a day and the pool will remain clean.

It is a personal preference when to close your pool, for some with children, school brings a myriad of projects, sports and other activities where the pool is no longer used. Others who are not fortunate to have heaters will no longer be able to dip their toes in because they have no desire to swim in uncomfortably cool water. For me, if I am not swimming I can still enjoy the site of the pool and running water versus the pool closed up with the cover on it thinking about when the first snow fall may arrive!

If you are ready to close up the pool, book your appointments early as service companies get booked quickly. For those of you with spillover spas you will be using the spa for weeks to come, just don't wait till the very last minute to close. As a general rule I tell people to close at the time where the leaves are getting ahead of you and you no longer can keep up with scooping them out. Always close your pool chemically balanced, and clean; and your springtime opening will be less tedious.

If this weekend is your last pool party then please have a safe and fun weekend. If you need further tips on closing your pool, you can find a previous blog post on the subject. I will however suggest that in ground pool owners have their pools professionally closed to assure your lines are properly winterized. With that it has been a pleasure working with customers and subscribers helping them enjoy their pools during what was it seems was a short summer, but it was a good one just the same.