Northeast Pool Owners Pummeled by Snow

Another harsh winter has crept upon us and we anticipate a few more weeks of winter to deluge our region with snow and ice as we creep toward Springtime.

We are beginning to see the ravages of a harsh winter where in some areas 100inches of snow or more have hit us like a brick. Some of our callers are having questions as to what to do because their covers have fallen in or as they check their pool water levels they are finding their water levels down.

These can be simple issues or more severe so let's not get too stressed with a situation you have very little control over. As a matter of simple fact a lot of you can't even see the outline of your pool.

If your pool is an in the ground your tarp like cover may have fallen in by the sheer weight of the snow, there is little you can do at this point but to wait for spring. For both in the ground and above the ground owners you may feel a little panic if you have checked your water level and feel it is significantly lower than when you closed your pool, but this can be quite simply water displacement from the weight of the snow and ice on top of your cover pushing down onto the water causing the water to rise and flow from the pool. I would say 2-3 feet less water may be common, if more than that (almost empty) there may be a problem. Don't stress over something you have no control over at the moment but make sure you call a pool professional early once the snow and ice are gone so they can access the situation.

For Above the ground pool owners who have watched the cover sink into the pool I would suggest checking out the winter cover to make sure there is not so much tension that it will pull your pool walls in, it will be a judgment call but if you are in doubt loosen the cover and let it fall in. Yes, it will probably be a mess for spring opening but your pool will still be erect.

Some people come in and tell me they add extra chlorine shock to their pool mid winter but I don't think at this time of year adding shock will make a huge difference and most of us have a layer of ice atop of the pools water and adding anything to the water makes no sense.

For those southern and west coast pool owners, winter care is obviously easier but of course winter gives you the opportunity to make some of those repairs to your pool you put off because of heavy use in the summer. This could mean equipment upgrades and repairs, pool surface repairs and safety inspections.

This year is looking to be more promising for a great swimming season even though some of you may not be able to visualize sunny skies and warm days Spring will be upon us in no time. Spectacular summer days are ahead and we will be there to help you with your swimming needs.

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