Drought Campaign in California, Coming to a Town Near You?

Swimming Pool Tips for Water Conservation

Unless you have been living in a bubble these days you have become aware that several areas in the country have become plagued by drought in recent years. Some areas such as California and Texas have had to mandate water conservation in new forms. Water parks in Texas for example have to truck in well water daily, new pools can not be built in some areas and other areas still have become so dry that water use is being monitored for abuse of use!

If you are fortunate to live in an area where there is no drought we should still be in a conservation mindset. I believe that water could very well become the gold of our futures. We would do our communities and our children’s’ futures well by learning how to conserve this resource before we are all told what we can and can not do with our water spigots.

For now let’s concentrate on some water conservation ideas for pool and spa owners. These tips come to you from the California Pool and Spa Association (CPSA) who announced it has publicly launched its drought education campaign, “Let’s Pool Together.” As a partner of Save Our Water — a statewide program of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) and the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) aimed at helping Californians reduce their everyday water use any pool and spa owner can benefit from following these ideas.

  • Install a pool cover, solar cover or liquid solar cover to reduce water evaporation by as much as 90%
  • Turn your water features off to reduce water loss and evaporation
  • Plug your overflow line when pool is in use
  • Backwash filters less frequently by cleaning the surface areas with skimmers more often or using Robotic cleaners.
  • Reduce your heaters a few degrees to reduce evaporation
  • If you have main drains or low suction lines operate your pool with those versus filling pool when water level is low.
  • Check your pools for leaks notice any drips at your filter pad and get those fixed.

Hot tub owners can:

  • Keep the tub covered when not in use
  • Keep your water balanced
  • Check for leaks in your pipelines and pumps
  • Drain only when necessary

As part of conservancy, it is important to keep up with new technology that allows a homeowner to save water and energy. Most times this will also help save you $DOLLARS.

Pool and spas are not water wasters. In fact, a well-maintained pool or spa uses less water per day than an irrigated lawn. Most pool builders include more than just the pool itself; wooden or concrete decks also replace traditional landscaping and the need for water.

The idea for this campaign is to educate consumers and keep a precious resource from becoming dried up. Take a look at more helpful water conservation tips for your entire home here at By the way we are proud to have one of our pools on the cover page. For more swimming pool tips please visit for how to books on swimming pools.

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