Pool Openings and Closings

Our customer base for pool openings and closings is quite extensive, so booking early is recommended. Our competitively priced openings begin in early April and closings start in August. Our pool openings consist of: removing, cleaning, and folding the pool cover (placing it in a storage area that you designate), opening up the plumbing lines, installing ladders and handrails, hooking up filter and pump and adding shock and algaecide to get the pool going. We check for small leaks,missing o-rings and make small repairs where needed. Saving you the cost of a service call. For opening recommendations please also visit our blog.

Our pool closings involve disconnecting and cleaning the filter and pump (heater if poss), blowing out the pool lines and skimmers and adding antifreeze, plugs or gizzmos where appropriate, adding winterizing chemicals and placing winter cover on pool.

*Please note we can not make all repairs when opening a pool as our schedule may not allow that and bigger repairs will require parts that may not be carried at the time. If you are aware of a specific problem from the previous year please let us know at booking and we will do our best to accomadate the repair at your opening but we can't guarantee same day.