Pool Openings

Every Spring we look forward to opening the season and ensuring your pool is ready for a safe and fun swimming season. To schedule your pool opening: please complete the form below or call 203-758-0524 to book your opening. Once we receive your request and payment information we will send an email with your opening date and confirmation.

Openings are provided on a first come first serve basis and get booked pretty quickly we suggest you book early.

Our openings include the following:

  • Removal of your pool cover, cleaning and folding and putting where you indicate for storage (if pool cover is still wet/damp we will leave out to dry completely)
  • Removal of winter plugs, gizzmos and insertion of directionals, safety grates and other fittings
  • Connection of your filter system and pump checking for proper operation and leak detection
  • Initial chemicals such as Algaecide and shock for start up. (We suggest running your pool for 24-48 hrs and then bring a test up to us so we can give you what you need for proper balancing.
  • Salt and Cyanuric Acid is added to our pools with salt water systems. *Salt and CYA are additional cost
  • Attach your ladders and handrails
  • Check heater for proper operation (we will turn heater off before leaving unless told otherwise)
  • If water is not up to operation, a pump needs to be left, or power left off where a return trip is necessary to finish the opening additional charges will apply.
  • Vacuuming is not included
  • Scooping leaves additional charge available only if time permits (non peak)

We ask that our customers do the following:

  • If you have a tarp style cover with water tubes please pump off water and remove leaves prior to your scheduled date. If cover is not free of water and debri we will not be able to complete your opening
  • Bring your pool water to mid skimmer level
  • Make sure your electrical to the pump and filter is turned on
  • Leave an outside spigot on in case water is needed
  • Make sure you have the proper level of propane in your tank (above 40%)
  • Leave out or have all your pool equipment accessable

Please note that we can not give out times, each pool has its’ own issues. At times we may run into a problem, or find a pool that was not prepared for the opening and our men may be delayed preventing them from keeping to a schedule. We appreciate when our customers allow us pool access for the day they are scheduled and all supplies and equipment are out for our arrival. A majority of our openings are done when no one is home and ask that you do not take the day off specifically for your opening in case there is a delay.

Please complete the form below with preferred time of your opening and check off any other supplies you may need and email back to us. A valid credit card will be required prior to your opening.

*Once we receive payment and desired dates a confirmation will be sent with your date!

We do not book on Saturdays as they are left to catch up if inclement weather occurs during that particular week. If rain occurs you will normally be put on for the following days schedule.

We will bring salt and stabilizer *additional charge

Typically we will not be able to fix all problems with your pool on your opening date, opening crews may not have the same parts inventory as our full service crews and some fixes require our regular service staff. Most crews can do minor fixes such as gaskets, small leaks and oriing replacement If we survey and find that your problem requires more than $100 in parts and labor we will do the opening and call you to schedule a service call and give you an estimate as to cost. Unless noted the $100 limit in additional cost will be standard.

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