What sets Prospect Pools LLC apart from others?

For us, our goal has always been to provide a quality product built to last and satisfy what you, the customer, dreamed of when you began the project. That means providing quality equipment properly sized for your swimming pool. Eliminating as many middle men in the process to keep the costs as reasonable as possible. Also, creating a service company that earns your loyalty and that creates customer satisfaction.

How we do this is simple. We deal with reputable equipment manufacturers and distributors allowing us product availability and cost savings; as well as access to new technologies. We have our own excavator which eliminates outside subcontractors and lets us do a few extras if needed. Excavation is included in your price so there are no surprises. We have worked with quality electricians, fencing and decking installers and are privy to their pricing so we can give you a full true swimming pool quote.

When we conduct a Free In Home Estimate, take a look at our comparison sheet and compare your quotes carefully. Some items unique to Prospect Pools' Swimming Pools are Reserve Plumbing, additional Skimmers and Returns, and Heat Zone Technology to save energy.

Lastly but most importantly, is who we are as a company. Our Staff and Crews is what makes us who we are today. The majority of our crew has been with us for over 15 years. When Prospect Pools comes into your yard, you have people who have the experience and pride in their work to build your dream swimming pool.