Pentair Above Ground Cartridge Filter with 1.5hp 2 Speed Pump

If you are looking to go green this Clean & Clear filter is for you. Two Speed Pump cuts energy costs, Your pool stays clean with minimum maintainance.

100sqft Cartridge filter with 1.5hp 2 speed pump with twist lock plug. List Price $995 facts:


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Hayward EC40 Filter & 1hp Pump

This tried and true DE Filter System is a work horse. DE is the most efficient medium catching particles as small as 2 Microns. Read the Fact Sheet

DE Filter with1hp Pump. Twist Lock Plug Base Inc. List Price $1075

  • $725.00
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Dolphin DX4 Robotic Vacuum

Experience the ease and benefits that come with an automatic vacuum cleaner. Remote Control Included, cleans bottom, walls and scrubs water line. $75 Rebate through 07/31/2015!! DX3 and DX6(with caddy) also on sale!!

  • $1195.00
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Dolphin DX3 Robotic Vacuum

Light weight and easy to use the DX3 cleans floor, cove and walls in pools up to 50' in length. Cleans all pool surfaces, auto shut off. 18month warranty. $50 mfg. Rebate till July 31 2015!

  • $725.00
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Dolphin DX6 With Caddy!Dolphin DX6 With Caddy!

All the features of a DX4 plus Dual Drive Motors and split brush technology for pinpoint turning. Six way remote! Won't get hung up on in pool obstacles like ladders, drains etc. $100 REBATE! Till July 31 2015

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