How to Close An In Ground Pool

Fall is Perfect Time to Begin a Backyard Swimming Pool Project

Many times we are contacted toward the end of the swimming season as to when the best time is to change a swimming pool liner or begin a new in the ground pool project. The fall is an excellent time to take a look and plan for what you want to have in place for the next summer season. Other advantages to fall pool construction is the temperature has cooled and you are not dealing with the rainy spring season which can not only delay construction because of the rain but also delay your project because of higher water tables leaving your yard inaccessible for days to weeks

Severe Winter May Have Caused Swimming Pool Damage

You may have coverage for certain damages so be sure to document and take pictures of the damages and receive an estimate to replace or repair from a reputable, licensed Pool Professional.

Swimming Pool Winter Blues

...customer whose above ground pool cover has started to fall into her pool. This can be a common occurrence for both the Above and In the ground pools when 1. Water on the winter pool cover was not pumped off the entire season and now has frozen and the weight of the ice is forcing the cover into the pool 2. Equipment failure such as the cord or winch has broken or the water tubes have failed to hold the weight of the cover and the cover is sagging into the pool.

How to Close An In Ground Pool


Ingredients: Liquid Shock, Winter Algaecide, Pool Cover, Water Bags, Gizzmo for Skimmer, Winter Plugs, Filter Cleaner, Antifreeze for each line, Cover Pump if Cover is not of Mesh type, Inside storage room for filter and pump equipment.