Swimming Pool Gates & Alarms for Safety

How to Protect Your Pool During Hurricane

Well the Northeast is preparing for Hurricane Irene. As I write this traffic and grocery stores are busy, filled with people stocking up on food, water and batteries; but what about your swimming pool? How do you prepare your pool for such an event as a hurricane in the Northeast? Depending upon your available time you may wish to close down the pool before the storm arrives, for some as school is beginning next week this may be appealing. By closing the pool and covering it you will avoid the windblown debris such as leaves, sticks etc. from going into the pool.

Swimming Pool Weather is Near. Time to Begin Pool Safety Checklist

As we approach the beginning of the swimming pool season I have been contemplating on what I should wright about this year in the blog that was not already covered. Dare I repeat myself? Well, safety from injury or worse is always worth more than one mention in my mind so I will give a few pointers as May is National Water Safety Month.

Perhaps you have not even begun to think about the swimming pool yet as the Northeast weather has been rather cold and rainy in April but as a Yankee surely you know weather in New England and the east in general can turn on a dime and we could have a heat wave upon us before we know it. Rather than waiting till the last minute to check your swimming pool for what preparations you may need to complete before the opening let’s go over a few items that can increase your safety and reduce cost and aggravation in the long run.

Severe Winter May Have Caused Swimming Pool Damage

You may have coverage for certain damages so be sure to document and take pictures of the damages and receive an estimate to replace or repair from a reputable, licensed Pool Professional.


National Water Safety Month begins in May and is a joint effort of several organizations related to the aquatic industry and several states, including Connecticut, who recognizes May as an excellent time to highlight water safety as we venture outside and increase outdoor activities. This includes going swimming in our own pools, going to a beach, lake, or even a water park. I will begin by addressing swimming pool safety so that our expertise can be utilized as you begin to open your pools for the season.

Weather Playing Havoc With Pool Water Chemistry

What can I say 18-20 straight days of rain has played havoc with keeping any kind of pool water chemistry balanced and I have noticed some trends in our water testing. Keep in mind weather plays a big role in keeping your pool water chemistry in balance...

Water Chemistry and Pool Heaters

briefly address the importance of water chemistry and how it can affect your swimming pool heaters if not properly maintained.
Many pool heaters both above the ground and in the ground have a main component called a heat exchanger which is where the water goes through and is heated, newer technology has generated Cupro or Titanium exchangers which are less suceptable to problems but still not immune to total lack of water balance and the older heaters were generally made of copper which can be damaged should your pool become an acid bath,...

Big Pool Party and Your Pool is Green?

Well, the big party weekend is upon us and for those who have been too busy to open your swimming pool yet or have been procastinating due to the unseasonably cool weather are now raising your heads and thinking hmmm we could have a party, nice weather coming and yet your pool may open looking like something partied there all winter.


For many of us the economy has made us look twice at our spending habits and a new buzz word “StaCation” has become the summer vacation plan. Many have decided to defer selling their homes and invest albeit a smaller budget into home renovations and improvements including upgrading existing pools or making your backyard a place where you and your children can enjoy the summer months in a safe environment.

There are many upgrades to an existing pool that can be accomplished such as changing over from a chlorine pool to a salt pool, and adding a heater to make your swimming more comfortable or just upgrading your filter and vacuum systems to make your pool experience more hands free allowing you more time get things done. For this article, I am going to concentrate on SAFETY around the swimming pool.