Above Ground Swimming Pool Closing Tips

Swimming Pool Equipment Manufacturers Change Landscape and Warranty Policies

For most consumers, the great divide between brick and mortar retailers and online pool supply companies was not something they needed to concern themselves with. The division and heated debates were mostly between the brick and mortar store and online retailers and concerned the wide gap in pricing between the two and to some the unfair practice of online stores offering the same product for less than the brick and mortar owner could buy wholesale from their own distributor.

Buying Pool Products Online Versus Brick and Mortar

This is a touchy subject discussed among ourselves in the pool retail industry but also one that has affected not just the swimming pool industry but more and more mom and pop businesses in any retail situation in downtown USA.

Tips to Close and Above Ground Pool

Pool Season is Sadly coming to an end for some of us, here are some suggestions.

Supplies: 1-2 Gals of Shock, 1 Quart of Winter Algaecide, Pool Cover, Air Pillow, Gizmo for Skimmer, Winter Plugs, Filter Cleaner if a DE or Cartridge. Filter.


1.Make sure your pool is clean of debris and your water is balanced. If you close with a dirty pool you will more likely open a dirtier one.

2.Remove ladders, floats, thermometers or anything floating in the pool.

3.Lower water level 3-4 inches below the bottom of skimmer line.