Pool Filter and Pump Troubleshooting

Swimming Pool Equipment Manufacturers Change Landscape and Warranty Policies

For most consumers, the great divide between brick and mortar retailers and online pool supply companies was not something they needed to concern themselves with. The division and heated debates were mostly between the brick and mortar store and online retailers and concerned the wide gap in pricing between the two and to some the unfair practice of online stores offering the same product for less than the brick and mortar owner could buy wholesale from their own distributor.

Buying Pool Products Online Versus Brick and Mortar

This is a touchy subject discussed among ourselves in the pool retail industry but also one that has affected not just the swimming pool industry but more and more mom and pop businesses in any retail situation in downtown USA.

Clarifying the Flack on Flocculants & Clarifiers

Perhaps the most overused chemicals in the now vast array of pool chemicals, clarifiers and flocculants are often thought to be the “wonder chems” that will turn your water crystal clear in an instant.

Trouble Shooting at Pool Openings

Ok folks, lets get right into some issues which you may find once you get your pool cover off the pool and go through some trouble shooting steps.

1. Water level is low to non existent: 1st make sure your pool cover didn't have holes in it and you didn't pump your water out of the pool when you were pumping water off the cover. If this isn't the case and you lost a large amount of water you most likely have a hole in your liner or split seam. Liners without water is not a good thing as they tend to shrink and once you refill the pool the liner can break free from the coping or bead lending itself unfixable so if you have an older liner I would suggest calling in a pro to give you suggestions even on a newer liner I would call and ask depending on your given situation and water level.