Pool Heater Care

Buying Pool Products Online Versus Brick and Mortar

This is a touchy subject discussed among ourselves in the pool retail industry but also one that has affected not just the swimming pool industry but more and more mom and pop businesses in any retail situation in downtown USA.

Which is Better? Heater or Heat Pump?

Heaters are considered to be accessory equipment and are items that can be considered for the initial installation of the pool or added on years later, depending upon when you feel you would like to have the convenience of swimming in a warm pool or extending what for many is a short swimming season. A heater can add one to two months onto your swimming season; and for some people who have attached spas, having a heater can extend their spa experience well into the fall season.

Water Chemistry and Pool Heaters

briefly address the importance of water chemistry and how it can affect your swimming pool heaters if not properly maintained.
Many pool heaters both above the ground and in the ground have a main component called a heat exchanger which is where the water goes through and is heated, newer technology has generated Cupro or Titanium exchangers which are less suceptable to problems but still not immune to total lack of water balance and the older heaters were generally made of copper which can be damaged should your pool become an acid bath,...