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Get the most out of your pool this season with the use of our pool opening services performed by our trained professionals. Book a pool opening with our service department and let us do all the work to make your swimming pool ready for the summer! 

Openings are provided on a first come first serve basis and get booked pretty quickly we suggest you book early.

Our Base Pool Opening Service includes:

  • removing, cleaning, and folding the pool cover (placing it in a storage area that you designate), 
  • opening up the plumbing lines, 
  • installing ladders and handrails, 
  • hooking up filter and pump 
  • adding shock and algaecide to get the pool going. 
  • we check for small leaks, missing o-rings and make small repairs where needed.
Pricing and optional add-on services will be displayed within the online booking system. 

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